Be Heard

I met all the requirements. I had to be: at least 18 years old, a U.S. citizen, and have a valid CA driver’s license.  I had to be:  flexible, positive, and on time. I also had to be able to: follow directions, handle and resolve situations as they arose, and have a keen eye forContinue reading “Be Heard”

All Hail to the Squash

First rooted in Italian soil, it made its way to America in the 1920s.  Cylindrical in shape, its firm glossy skin is often streaked green and yellow making it look striped. Mild in flavor, its soft and tender flesh can taste slightly sweet to lightly bitter.  I am definitely a fan, and what I likeContinue reading “All Hail to the Squash”

Color My World

Yellow, blue, green, and pink, have each been my favorite color at one time or another. Yellow reminds me of a smile, like the smiley face first popular in the ’60s.  It also makes me think of sunshine and honey.  Blue brings to mind the vast sky, oceans, and blueberries.  When I think of green,Continue reading “Color My World”

Sew Much Fun!

It was made of a white sheer cotton fabric embellished with small dots known as Swiss dot.  It had a rounded Peter Pan collar, short puffy sleeves, and a sash waist that tied prettily in a bow at the back.  This A-line dress was tea-length, skimming my legs mid-calf. A plastic tiara with attached veil,Continue reading “Sew Much Fun!”

Critical Questions

It was Tuesday, April 20, 1999, when I was wrapping up my field experience at Four Peaks Elementary School in Fountain Hills, Arizona.  I had just met with my mentor teacher, Mrs. G. and was excited about this moment because it meant I was nearer to finishing my Post-Bac degree in Elementary Education, and IContinue reading “Critical Questions”

Wise Words

The other day I was looking through a pile of notebooks, journals, and assorted magazines, searching for some inspiration. Something to spark new ideas, something to make me want to pull out my paints, inks, and markers. Funny enough, what I found was a handwritten list sandwiched between pages of a long ago purchased artContinue reading “Wise Words”

Tossed, Composed or Bound?

I had never heard of the Association for Dressings and Sauces, nor that they’ve been around since 1929. I was also unaware of their annual conferences in which attendees discuss topics such as: “No Two Acidulants are the Same”, “Sensory Science and Flavors” and the wildly popular “Natural Preservatives: A Peek Behind the Curtain”.  ButContinue reading “Tossed, Composed or Bound?”

Your Next Stop

Shot in black and white, the 156 episodes were written, narrated, and produced by a man who used ideas inspired from his dreams, and news events from the 1960s to create them.  Unique to this series are the genres the episodes were based on. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, suspense, psychological thriller with a little darkContinue reading “Your Next Stop”

Lessons in Learning

When I was teaching, May was one of my favorite times of year. It’s when there was a short breather before sprinting to the finish line and wrapping up the year with a big bright bow. It was right after spring break when we were assessing our students, taking pleasure in their progress. It wasContinue reading “Lessons in Learning”

It’s Good For You

Scrolling through a list of programs and movies streaming on Amazon Prime recently, we were looking for something lighthearted and humorous to view. That’s when a Canadian version of a show called “Last One Laughing” appeared. Have you heard of it? First off, the name alone made me smile. I mean it’s initials are LOL!Continue reading “It’s Good For You”