Meaningful Objects

Some people keep them to preserve history or to connect with the past, others may be motivated by their status or monetary value, and still others may become obsessed with or are just curious about the objects they acquire. My reasons? Nostalgia, beauty, and fun usefulness! Throughout my childhood, I was a conchologist, memomagnetist, andContinue reading “Meaningful Objects”

The Only Real Constant

“I like when I plan an event and it takes a turn in a different direction.” “I like when our grocery store is out of my favorite cashew butter and I have to choose something else.” “I really like being forced to do things out of my comfort zone.” Said no one named me, ever.Continue reading “The Only Real Constant”

Expanding Hearts

The hardest part for me was the change of routine, followed by having two less birthdays to celebrate, and then the fact that our house seemed too quiet, too clean. Every time we went for a walk, no companions. Every time we’d come home, no wagging tails. Every time we’d wake up, no pitter-patter ofContinue reading “Expanding Hearts”

It Makes the World Go Round

Tomorrow is the day we celebrate the four-letter word described as tenderness, fondness, warmth, passion, even adoration.  It can bring us great joy, pleasure, and happiness. It can make us feel energetic, giddy, even euphoric. It can lower our blood pressure and stress levels, as well as lead to better mental health. Wow! It’s thatContinue reading “It Makes the World Go Round”

Top That!

While other Catholics, those would be the good Catholics, were eating fish obeying the religious practice of no meat on Fridays, my mom and at least one of us kids were headed down Linden Street for Tony’s to pick up greasy, cheesy, salty, saucy triangular slices of heaven! Usually, two large cardboard boxes were handedContinue reading “Top That!”

More Than I Thought

I had completed Day 6 when I decided to make it official and take it on as a 30-day challenge. I simply went to class one day, then showed up the next, then the next…you get the picture… and when almost a week went by it dawned on me that I should give it aContinue reading “More Than I Thought”

Nearly the Same

Decades ago, my mentor teacher Chris referred to them as “Golden Words”. Not the same as Magic Words which include Thank You, Please and May I. And not like the first words that beginning readers need to memorize such as it, the, and in. No, these words were different. Chris assured me that my classContinue reading “Nearly the Same”

For the Fun of It

Conlanging, E.I., and kendama are ones I wasn’t familiar with until now. Constructing a language to communicate with others, ironing clothes in extreme situations like on a rocky ledge, and performing endless tricks with a ball attached to a handle with a string…really? Who engages in such activities? Intriguing as they sound, I won’t beContinue reading “For the Fun of It”