Happy Trails

Never shy about raising my hand to volunteer, this spring I offered to organize an activity for the Big Brothers Big Sisters chapter in our area. While many BBBS sponsored events take place all year long, this would be an additional one. Not for fundraising purposes or to interface with the staff, but one purelyContinue reading “Happy Trails”

Welcome Back, Curcubita Friends!

With Halloween now in the rear-view mirror and Thanksgiving just up the road ahead, one of my favorite foods is still being featured in magazines and on cooking shows and are readily available at grocery stores and roadside farms alike. Round, smooth-skinned, ribbed, and most often a bright sunshiny shade of orange, I always lookContinue reading “Welcome Back, Curcubita Friends!”

When You Believe in Things That You Don’t Understand

I’ve never thought of myself as the type of person 25% of folks in the U.S. truly claim to be, but because I have indulged in some questionable behaviors, I fit the description. For instance, I have crossed my fingers when hoping for a positive outcome.  I have knocked on wood to avoid jinxing something. Continue reading “When You Believe in Things That You Don’t Understand”

Wash and Dry

I’ll admit it. I never truly appreciated our Fisher & Paykel Front Load Series 5 side by sides with 13 cycles each, until January 7, 2011. That’s the day we were reunited.  By then, they had been a part of our family for about eight years.  Although now that I think about it, we onlyContinue reading “Wash and Dry”

Fed Well

The first recorded one was chiseled into clay tablets dating back to 1750 BC in Ancient Mesopotamia. The first one printed and bound came along in 1471 just two decades after the Gutenberg Bible and was written by Bartolomeo Platina called “On Right Pleasure and Good Health”. And the oldest recorded copy still in printContinue reading “Fed Well”

Wherefore Art Thou?

From my journal: September 27, 2022, Newbury Park, California “Another HOT day on the horizon..in the 90s…hopefully only a couple more scorcher days, ugh!” Looking at the weathered vines and root remnants in our raised beds this morning, I smiled remembering the bounty of goodness that came from our sown seeds.  Zukes, cukes, beets, carrots,Continue reading “Wherefore Art Thou?”

Cheers to John Chapman!

Among the things I loved most about teaching 1st grade were the seasonal units. In September, we’d learn about the fruit students love to give their teachers, the one that originated in Kazakhstan and what East traders carried along the Silk Road. 7,500 varieties of these crispy juicy gems are grown throughout the world, andContinue reading “Cheers to John Chapman!”