Keep Moving Forward

From my journal: July 19, 2020 Thousand Oaks, CA “Feels surreal, like being in the movie“Ground Hog’s Day”…when can we stop worrying so much?” Only four months into the pandemic I, like everyone else in the world, was wondering when life would return to “normal”. Anxious and fatigued, the hours seemed to meld into daysContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward”

A Tribute to Moms Everywhere

Way back in Ancient times, the Greeks and Romans were on to something when they held festivals to pay homage to their goddesses of motherhood, Cybele and Rhea. These annual spring get togethers included food, dancing and singing. The French call it “Fetes Des Meres” and set aside the fourth Sunday in May as theirContinue reading “A Tribute to Moms Everywhere”

Unexpected Visitors

From my vacation notebook: May 21, 1984 Moorea, Tahiti, French Polynesia “Off to find the “cascades”…our waiter told us that it is a secluded place only the locals know about…can’t wait!” We had driven from Haapiti to Afareaitu and followed the directions exactly as they were written down. Did we miss something, we wondered asContinue reading “Unexpected Visitors”

Express Yourself

Standing in front of 20 other 6th graders in Room 8 without notes, I took a deep breath and began repeating aloud the words I memorized while trying to convey just the right mood, tone and meaning of Robert Frost’s classic poem.  After each stanza, I reminded myself to pause for a beat.  I thoughtContinue reading “Express Yourself”

Keep in Touch

First, I’d like to thank…Persian Queen Atossa!  According to the historian Hellanicus you were the first – so Mamnoon to you!  Second, I’d like to give a shout out to Benjamin Franklin whose efforts cut the travel time in half, so Ben I’m sending a mighty – Thank Ye! And cheers to my mom whoContinue reading “Keep in Touch”

One Potato, Two Potato….

At first glance there was no indication we were in the right place.  But when we walked through the main door we saw a poster hanging from the ceiling. On it was the image that first enticed me to choose this particular museum to visit and there it was…in all its glory…the “hot potato” welcomingContinue reading “One Potato, Two Potato….”

For the Love of Spuds

From my journal: September 18, 2009 London, England “Off to Munich next week…we’ll be there for just a few days this time…want to find something a little different to do or see…” There’s always something new to explore no matter how many times you’ve visited a place.  Looking for suggestions, I began with our muchContinue reading “For the Love of Spuds”

Words on Folded Pages

The first letter arrived in our mailbox in early July of 1973.  Smiling, my mom handed me the envelope. I don’t know who was more excited or relieved, me or her.  Sometimes adults get busy and can’t find the time to write, she said. And although I wanted to believe him when he said he’dContinue reading “Words on Folded Pages”

We Can Do Anything

If you’re an owner of a stocky bodied, flat snouted, roll around in the mud animal, this is your month to celebrate. Fans of the edible marshland plant high in fiber that adds a crunch to salads will also have cause to jump for joy now. It’s March. The month that honors National Pig Day,Continue reading “We Can Do Anything”

Below the Surface

A few reasons considered “good” were: to experience a sense of absolute freedom, to become more in tune with nature and to interact with marine life. The one answer Mike stressed was NOT a good reason – to overcome the fear of water.  After our instructor tossed that out to our group sitting in aContinue reading “Below the Surface”