Like Most People

My daily trip out the front door straight ahead a few yards to reach the three-foot post cemented into the sidewalk that securely holds our correspondence receptacle, most often feels like pure joy. I get downright giddy at the prospect of finding unexpected treasures awaiting me each time I pull down the handle and peekContinue reading “Like Most People”

Giving Thanks

With thoughts of past Thanksgivings in mind, I perused my journals, a couple of current ones and a few dating back to the early 90s. Curious as to what I wrote about on those Thanksgivings, I wondered how did we celebrate? With whom?  Where?  And what was I grateful for then? From my journal: NovemberContinue reading “Giving Thanks”

Happy Trails

Never shy about raising my hand to volunteer, this spring I offered to organize an activity for the Big Brothers Big Sisters chapter in our area. While many BBBS sponsored events take place all year long, this would be an additional one. Not for fundraising purposes or to interface with the staff, but one purelyContinue reading “Happy Trails”

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