When in Munich…

From my journal: September 21, 2009 East Twickenham, England “Loud vibrating music, off-key singing, packed in like sardines… even dancing on tables!” This oh-so-not-my-kind-of-adventure started like any other… with Robert playing up the positives. But in this case, I wasn’t convinced there were many. Still, I heard him out. We had experienced this craziness before,Continue reading “When in Munich…”

Sweet Autumn

It was usually a chilly misty Saturday morning, sometime before Halloween, when we’d drive down our street, head to West Street, turn left at the Lipton Mart Convenience Store onto Merriam Street, then right onto Housatonic Street, then left onto Barker Road driving past Friendly’s Ice Cream, then onto Swamp Road, past the Pittsfield MunicipalContinue reading “Sweet Autumn”

Just a Number

From my journal: April 14, 2015 Thousand Oaks, California “When did we become the oldest people in the room? Took a rock climbing class at Boulderdash…us.. and a group of kids!” I was reminded again of our age on our most recent trip.  Aboard the Windstar, we were headed for the Greek island of SantoriniContinue reading “Just a Number”

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