Cheers to John Chapman!

Among the things I loved most about teaching 1st grade were the seasonal units. In September, we’d learn about the fruit students love to give their teachers, the one that originated in Kazakhstan and what East traders carried along the Silk Road. 7,500 varieties of these crispy juicy gems are grown throughout the world, andContinue reading “Cheers to John Chapman!”

On a Positive Note

I entered the wonderful world of teaching after 20+ years of working in business. Switching gears was exciting yet challenging. The environment alone was a huge change. Spending my days in a shared office with adults differed greatly from being in my own classroom with children under the age of 12. But no matter myContinue reading “On a Positive Note”

A Centenary Celebration!

From my journal: November 4, 2020, Newbury Park, California “A Journal Journey has finally launched! Yay!…Have been so nervous about sending my posts “out there”… What if I can’t come up with ideas to write about?  What if I get negative feedback? What if no one reads it at all? Glad Robert has given meContinue reading “A Centenary Celebration!”

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