Bringing Out the Best

Not wanting to make the same mistake twice, from the second night on, binoculars dangled from one of our necks anytime we left our hotel room.  Our fourth night out, we were back at the Olympic Saddledome. There we watched as The Soviet Union crushed Czechoslovakia in ice hockey.  The final score 6-1. It wasContinue reading “Bringing Out the Best”

In the Olympic Spirit

From my journal: February 15, 1988 Redondo Beach, California “In two days we leave for Calgary to see the XV Winter Olympics!….Can’t wait!” We arrived at the Calgary International Airport on the fourth day of the 1988 Winter Olympics and were bussed into the city center with a dozen of other Apple Computer folks, whoContinue reading “In the Olympic Spirit”

Suits Me to a Tea

I can count at least twelve brands and twenty-nine varieties of Camellia Sinensis and tisanes in our pantry right now. Why so many?  Why not?  Each kind is unique and offers a different experience. Whether it be Oolong, Rooibos, Puerh, Green, Black or White… the square, round or pyramid shaped fiber filled sachet packed withContinue reading “Suits Me to a Tea”

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