Here’s to Women!

From my journal: March 6, 1986 Redondo Beach, California “Wish I could see her more often and that we lived closer. She’s so down-to-earth, fun to be around, honest, humorous and expressive…Three thousand miles is a very long way away.” Although I wrote that about my mom more than 35 years ago, I still feelContinue reading “Here’s to Women!”

A Presidential Visit

While I had visited several times when I taught 5th grade, my first trip there “sans students” was just three weeks ago.  My brother, Ray and his wife, Meghan were in town and when she suggested this outing, I was thrilled!  Located about 14 miles northeast of our home in Newbury Park, it took usContinue reading “A Presidential Visit”

My Happy Place

My earliest memory of visiting on my own, happened on a frigid blustery weekday afternoon in January, just after I turned eleven. With books in my knapsack, my blue puffy parka zipped to my chin, red stocking hat with a pompom on my head, matching mittens on my hands, and brown rubber boots on myContinue reading “My Happy Place”

Just to Say Hi

When was the last time you went to your mailbox, not your email inbox, but the physical one most likely posted outside your front door, then tugged down its handle, and inside you found an envelope with your name and address handwritten in pen right there  – smack dab – in the middle of it,Continue reading “Just to Say Hi”

Hello Sunshine!

Welcome Back! It makes me so happy to know that you are taking time out of your busy day to read my blog! It’s readers like you who make my digging through hundreds of journals and photos each week to find just the right topic to expand upon…you…you make it all worthwhile. To those ofContinue reading “Hello Sunshine!”

Never Forget

We were in Munich to enjoy Robert’s Golden Apple Club winners trip and had one day left to explore the city before the Awards Banquet that evening and our homeward bound flight the next day.  It was early May of 1990 and we were standing outside of the Hotel Bayerischer Hof hailing a taxi toContinue reading “Never Forget”

A Recipe Handed Down

As kids, we called them Padoggies. I never questioned their proper name, until I learned my dad made up words. For example, he called pajamas, naugies. I didn’t even know naugies weren’t what other people called them, that is, until I invited kids over for a Naugie Party.  Imagine that? Parents of my young friendsContinue reading “A Recipe Handed Down”

What I Would’ve Said

From my journal: January 3, 2022 Newbury Park, California “I was so overwhelmed, I know I thanked people, but I don’t remember what I actually said.” Had I known this past Sunday that Robert had been planning a birthday party for me for months, I would’ve been prepared. I would’ve written a framework for aContinue reading “What I Would’ve Said”

Sixty Years Old

Yesterday as I turned 60 years old, I wasn’t thinking of what people have said to me about starting my 6th decade of life, which includes some humorous, but not-so-humorous thoughts on aging, usually passed down by my slightly older, well-meaning friends and family. Things like, “It’s the beginning of the final chapters of yourContinue reading “Sixty Years Old”