Soup’s On!

            It’s unfortunate that I used to associate this versatile, easy to make, enjoyable any time of year, warm deliciousness, with being sick.  Maybe like me, growing up, the make-you-feel-instantly-better go-to was a bowl of Campbell’s Tomato Soup. My mom would serve it on the coffee table in our living room, while I’d lay onContinue reading “Soup’s On!”

Honorable Mention

I’m not sure how long our local paper “The Acorn”, appropriately named as we live in Thousand Oaks, has held the competition, but I’ve entered it at least three times.  Each time I write and rewrite my story over and over, tweaking a word here and changing punctuation for more impact there.  I make sureContinue reading “Honorable Mention”

…and Thirty-Two Years Later

We hoped our getaway to Kauai this past April would work out. It was our first travel experience since the pandemic began. This time, it wasn’t as easy as booking two tickets to paradise. To board our American Airline flight, we had to have CO-VID tests given by a specific health care provider.  Results thenContinue reading “…and Thirty-Two Years Later”

A Trip to Paradise, Then…

An LA Checkered Cab idled in the driveway of our Southern California home at 7 a.m. I was in the back seat within minutes. During the half hour trek to LAX, the driver and I talked about vacations, weather and our mutual love of San Francisco. Once at Departures, I handed my overstuffed suitcase toContinue reading “A Trip to Paradise, Then…”

The Kindness of Strangers

In just under five hours, we were transported from East Twickenham, a chock-a-block London surburb jammed with people, cars and noise to the sparsely populated Welsh hamlet of Tal-y-Llyn, dotted with sheep, farm equipment and birdsong. Danny, his wife, Sinead and their young daughters, Eleanor and Hannah greeted us with smiles when we knocked onContinue reading “The Kindness of Strangers”

First Fall Fun

Growing up in western Massachusetts, fall was ushered in on cool chilly breezes. When the leaves on the maples were vivid hues of auburn, copper and gold we knew we were in the thick of it. There was so much to look forward to then. Especially, the first holiday of the season which we’d payContinue reading “First Fall Fun”

…Let the Good Times Roll

So..if it’s called Oktoberfest, why does in start in September? Good question! You may have been wondering that too, so let me explain.  The first Oktoberfest was indeed held in October, on the 12th to be exact.  The year was 1810 when Prince Ludwig of Bavaria married Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. (Phew! With a lastContinue reading “…Let the Good Times Roll”

When in Munich…

From my journal: September 21, 2009 East Twickenham, England “Loud vibrating music, off-key singing, packed in like sardines… even dancing on tables!” This oh-so-not-my-kind-of-adventure started like any other… with Robert playing up the positives. But in this case, I wasn’t convinced there were many. Still, I heard him out. We had experienced this craziness before,Continue reading “When in Munich…”

Sweet Autumn

It was usually a chilly misty Saturday morning, sometime before Halloween, when we’d drive down our street, head to West Street, turn left at the Lipton Mart Convenience Store onto Merriam Street, then right onto Housatonic Street, then left onto Barker Road driving past Friendly’s Ice Cream, then onto Swamp Road, past the Pittsfield MunicipalContinue reading “Sweet Autumn”

Just a Number

From my journal: April 14, 2015 Thousand Oaks, California “When did we become the oldest people in the room? Took a rock climbing class at Boulderdash…us.. and a group of kids!” I was reminded again of our age on our most recent trip.  Aboard the Windstar, we were headed for the Greek island of SantoriniContinue reading “Just a Number”