British English

From my journal: December 10, 2007 E. Twickenham, England “Received a packet of letters from my former students…they’re now in 6th grade! How fun!  Can’t wait to read them!“ Robert had been living in London since early January of 2007.  I wanted to finish out the school year, but when spring break rolled around, IContinue reading “British English”

One Thing…

Our long weekend away started like any other. This one was just a hop, skip and jump north to Napa Valley. Our itinerary there always includes a stay at a B&B with bike trails nearby, a visit to wineries we’re members of, and a list of restaurants we’ve yet to try. This time we alsoContinue reading “One Thing…”

Diving Rules

From my journal: December15, 1993 written from Barbados “Slept off and on…reread the instructions in my diving book…hope all goes well today.” The sun had been up at hour when Robert and I were on Route 1 again. Just past Bridgetown we found The Dive Shop Ltd. at the bottom of Carlisle Bay. This wouldContinue reading “Diving Rules”

Island Rules

It was just after sunset when we arrived in St. Peter’s parish on the northern side of the petite pear-shaped island, about 1600 miles southeast of Miami. Known for its soft tropical weather, this independent British Commonwealth nation boasts 3,000 hours of sunshine each year, long stretches of white sand beaches and sparkling clear bays.Continue reading “Island Rules”

Strangely Familiar

From my journal: July 26, 2011 writing from Copenhagen, Denmark  “At the Library Bar tonight… dark wood, leather chairs and books, books and more books!  And that plaid carpet…just love it! Only one more day here.” On the last leg of our Western European trip, we were enjoying our final days in Copenhagen, Denmark. AfterContinue reading “Strangely Familiar”

Let Him Eat Cake

From my journal: August 7, 2008 East Twickenham, England “Went to St. Margaret’s tonight to toast to Robert’s birthday although it’s officially tomorrow…bought him a Harley tee. Asked if there’s anything special he wanted for dinner. He said an angel food cake – yikes!!” Living as ex-pats at the time, I panicked at Robert’s requestContinue reading “Let Him Eat Cake”

Bringing Out the Best

Not wanting to make the same mistake twice, from the second night on, binoculars dangled from one of our necks anytime we left our hotel room.  Our fourth night out, we were back at the Olympic Saddledome. There we watched as The Soviet Union crushed Czechoslovakia in ice hockey.  The final score 6-1. It wasContinue reading “Bringing Out the Best”

In the Olympic Spirit

From my journal: February 15, 1988 Redondo Beach, California “In two days we leave for Calgary to see the XV Winter Olympics!….Can’t wait!” We arrived at the Calgary International Airport on the fourth day of the 1988 Winter Olympics and were bussed into the city center with a dozen of other Apple Computer folks, whoContinue reading “In the Olympic Spirit”