A Hanukkah Gift for Christmas

Growing up, Christmas was magical. It was that one time of year, besides our birthdays, that we were given a few presents and we were assured that we’d get that “one” gift we really really really wanted. When I was 9 years old that gift was a pair of white figure skates and it wasContinue reading “A Hanukkah Gift for Christmas”

Sending a Little Cheer

The last twenty! 103..and counting! In an assembly line, I laid out my boxes, poems to include, colored pens, return address labels, address book (yes, I still have one!) and stamps. That was three days ago. Using our dining room table, I spread the items out in preparation for one tradition that I truly enjoyContinue reading “Sending a Little Cheer”

The Same, But Different

This Thanksgiving was unlike any other.  What was different was that we stayed at home.  We gathered online with family on Thursday.  Perhaps the same was true for you.  Zoom has become the backdrop to many of our get togethers since March. What was the same this Thanksgiving was pretty much everything else.  Robert andContinue reading “The Same, But Different”

The Right to Vote

The year was 1980 and the candidates vying for the Presidency of the United States were the Incumbent, Democrat Jimmy Carter from Georgia, Republican Ronald Reagan from California and Illinois Independent John B. Anderson. At the time, I was a sophomore in college and just the thought of being able to vote made me feelContinue reading “The Right to Vote”

Things to Do and Places to See

North Street in downtown Pittsfield, Massachusetts Like any travel article, Things to Do and Places to See were listed in that particular article I read so long ago. I was puzzled because I didn’t consider the things mentioned as special.  Hiking at Monument Mountain in Great Barrington, touring the Normal Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, andContinue reading “Things to Do and Places to See”

Where It All Began

My childhood home The first time I read about “The Berkshires” as a vacation spot, I was sitting in a doctor’s office in Southern California flipping through a magazine. Surprised at the familiar pictures, it was the first place I had ever known. It’s where I went to school K-12, where the neighborhood kids wereContinue reading “Where It All Began”