Wherefore Art Thou?

From my journal: September 27, 2022, Newbury Park, California “Another HOT day on the horizon..in the 90s…hopefully only a couple more scorcher days, ugh!” Looking at the weathered vines and root remnants in our raised beds this morning, I smiled remembering the bounty of goodness that came from our sown seeds.  Zukes, cukes, beets, carrots,Continue reading “Wherefore Art Thou?”

Sweet Autumn

It was usually a chilly misty Saturday morning, sometime before Halloween, when we’d drive down our street, head to West Street, turn left at the Lipton Mart Convenience Store onto Merriam Street, then right onto Housatonic Street, then left onto Barker Road driving past Friendly’s Ice Cream, then onto Swamp Road, past the Pittsfield MunicipalContinue reading “Sweet Autumn”