Words on Folded Pages

The first letter arrived in our mailbox in early July of 1973.  Smiling, my mom handed me the envelope. I don’t know who was more excited or relieved, me or her.  Sometimes adults get busy and can’t find the time to write, she said. And although I wanted to believe him when he said he’dContinue reading “Words on Folded Pages”

We Can Do Anything

If you’re an owner of a stocky bodied, flat snouted, roll around in the mud animal, this is your month to celebrate. Fans of the edible marshland plant high in fiber that adds a crunch to salads will also have cause to jump for joy now. It’s March. The month that honors National Pig Day,Continue reading “We Can Do Anything”

Below the Surface

A few reasons considered “good” were: to experience a sense of absolute freedom, to become more in tune with nature and to interact with marine life. The one answer Mike stressed was NOT a good reason – to overcome the fear of water.  After our instructor tossed that out to our group sitting in aContinue reading “Below the Surface”

What’s There to Be Afraid of?

Coulrophobia, Veloxrotaphobia and Aquaphobia have been three of my greatest fears! Only one, I’ve successfully overcome.  And ironically, all of these aversions began in childhood. That happy, care-free, no-stress time of life when the sun seemed to shine on us, despite the actual weather, every single moment of each and every day. I like toContinue reading “What’s There to Be Afraid of?”

The Long and the Short of It

Sitting in the styling chair staring at my face in the mirror, my thin wavy auburn hair was parted in the middle and hung down to my shoulders. Standing behind me was my brother’s friend’s older sister. “Who do you want to look like?” she asked.  Laura was a hairdresser who worked in a beautyContinue reading “The Long and the Short of It”

A Lesson in History

From my journal: February 4, 2016, Newbury Park, CA “Lee’s mom called and asked if she could come in and talk to our class this month…will be great for what we’re studying.” Never hesitant about parents coming in to speak to students, I was happy that I could work her presentation into our Social StudiesContinue reading “A Lesson in History”

Helping Hands

Newsletter Writer, Youth Mentor, Art Creator Assistant, Beautification Committee Worker, and Things to Do Researcher are just some of the titles I’ve held in my spare time.  What started as a “Need to Do” as a teenager, has become a “Love to Do” since then. Not old enough to apply for a paying job atContinue reading “Helping Hands”

Hope and Unity

Although I have yet to attend one in Washington, DC, I am a faithful follower.  Every four years after an election, I am tuned in on January 20th to witness the events unfold before me. I’ve now seen 11 Inaugurations and am still amazed by them.  Whether it be a Democrat or Republican who officiallyContinue reading “Hope and Unity”

Fits Him to a Tee

My journal entry April 5, 2012, Thousand Oaks, California. “I don’t know why it bothers me so much that Robert has so many tee shirts.  I guess it’s because I can’t stuff anymore into his drawers…(ha!).” I’m not much of a tee shirt person, but over the past year I’ve acquired four.  Soft and colorfulContinue reading “Fits Him to a Tee”