Ushering in the New Year

More likely than not, on any December 31st you will find us among other merrymakers situating ourselves at a table to get the best view of the stage, waiting for the emcee to kick off two hours of anticipated fun. No matter the experience, delivery style, or subject matter of the recognized or unfamiliar performers, we know we are in for some laughs. For us, one of the best ways to wave good-bye to the current year and warmly embrace the new one is by spending the last evening of the year at a comedy club.

From my journal: January 1, 1999, Fountain Hills, Arizona

Tempe Improv in Arizona

“A fun evening at the Tempe Improv!  Drinks and dinner…didn’t know the comedians but enjoyed laughing all evening with Mike and Mindy!

From my journal: January 1, 2010, London, England

“Eleven of us went to the Laughing Horse Comedy Show last night in Richmond…ha!  British humor or “humour” is different than ours and can be a bit off-color or “colour”…and the pub was a bit of a dive, but had fun with everyone and laughed a lot!”

From my journal: January 1, 2020, Thousand Oaks, California

“Went to the comedy show in Ventura last night… sat us right at the stage – ugh for me – yay for Robert! Despite being so close, I couldn’t help but laugh when Robert became part of the act…so funny!”

Emcee at the Ventura Harbor Comedy Club, 2019

Of all the ways to usher in January, why choose an evening at a comedy club? It’s simple. Comedy exists to entertain, enlighten, and even educate, so it seems to me that seeing a comedy show is a guaranteed good time! Considering the physical benefits of laughter, relieving stress and tension, stimulating your brain, and even burning calories, attending a humorous performance is an easy way to boost your health quotient. And I know I can always use a lift at the end of a year, especially after these last few. Bellyaching jokes, side splitting humor, and clever witty sketches never fail to leave me feeling that I’ve had a terrific workout – body, mind, and spirit!

I’m not exactly sure when this tradition of ours began, but no doubt it started decades ago.  Living in Santa Monica in the mid-1980s we would venture into West Hollywood to The Comedy Store for a full-on sit-down dinner and laugh-filled evening. We’d dress nicely for the occasion and partake in all the fanfare, even wearing New Year’s Eve hats and blowing party horns way past midnight! Over time, we began to choose smaller venues closer to home, and we started to wear casual attire like jeans. And now…now we get tickets to the early show – ha! But celebrating New Year’s Eve at a comedy club is still high up there on the things we look forward to enjoying each year. This past Saturday we braved the unusual rain and caught Dan Gabriel and Darren Carter’s sets at the Copa Comedy Club in Ventura. Fun and funny! My face literally hurt from laughing so much! Greeting this year and every new year with a smile, is always worthwhile. 

Cheers and Happy 2023 to you and your loved ones! Here’s hoping it’s your best year yet!

Darren Carter at the Copa Comedy Club, 2022

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