A Centenary Celebration!

From my journal: November 4, 2020, Newbury Park, California

“A Journal Journey has finally launched! Yay!…Have been so nervous about sending my posts “out there”… What if I can’t come up with ideas to write about?  What if I get negative feedback? What if no one reads it at all? Glad Robert has given me the push I need…but still scary!”

Today is my 100th blog post on ajournaljourney.com! Wow! I can’t believe almost two years have gone by since I sent out my very first post into the world! The idea for A Journal Journey came to me a few years back, but it didn’t come into being until we cleaned out our attic and I rediscovered all of my journals and photo albums packed in cardboard boxes sitting in the dark, collecting dust.  A number of those containers have accompanied us on our many moves within U.S. and even abroad.  So, in fact it’s been a journal journey, figuratively, as well as literally!

On my Homepage I mentioned that I have been recording my life experiences for decades. As a child I journaled about home, our neighborhood and school. As I got older and my world expanded, I wrote about new friends, school events, and rites of passage. Going away to school, I noted the transitions from living at home to sharing space with roommates. After college, I recorded observations on landing my first “real” jobs and the ups and downs of creating and navigating a life in the Los Angeles area. Happily, my journaling days continue.  

Me in my studio office

My blog is truly, a phrase I will borrow from one of my recent post titles, a labor of love. Each week it takes about 20 hours to write one post. Sometimes the idea will come first, then I peruse my journals looking for an entry that will relate to it. Other times, I come across something in a journal that spurs on the subject. Once written, edited, and revised, (many times!) I then track down photos from an album, my phone, or folders on my computer to go along with the post. Finally comes, the selecting of the all-important title!

I left the work force a few years ago, so why do I do all of this? To me, writing is like breathing. I can’t imagine living without it. However, it is not always easy and can be quite challenging. Even now, after writing approximately 120,000 blog post words, I still feel nervous, yet excited when it’s time to create a new post. This keeps my mind engaged and helps me continue to hone my writing skills. It gives me a chance to share my life adventures with family and friends, new and long-standing, and near and far. It keeps me living in the 21st century, as I continually learn how to use technology. (Argh!) It gives me an opportunity to relive a time, place, and event. When positive, it’s pure fun.  When it’s not, it’s a chance to understand on a deeper level and appreciate my growth. And while I still write letters, poems, and stories, my blog has expanded my reach and has put me in touch with people I wouldn’t have otherwise connected with, for which I am grateful. 

Each post is meaningful to me, and just like children (in my case, fur babies!), they all have a place in my heart. However, if asked which ones are my top five favorites so far, they include: “A Hanukkah Gift for Christmas”, “A Recipe Handed Down”, “What I Would’ve Said”, “Never Forget” and “A Special Summer Place”.

Now 100 blog posts in, I am encouraged to keep going. Thank you so much for reading my blog each week! With the ever-increasing demands put on our time these days, it’s great knowing you are setting aside a few minutes to read what I write. Thank you for your comments! Hearing from you, let’s me get to know you better and further connects us. And thank you for being a part of keeping my love of writing alive!  I appreciate each and everyone one of you! My hope is that my posts are relatable and perhaps leave you with something to think about, or at the very least, I hope they bring about a smile. Thank you so much for your continued support. I’m so glad that you are on this journal journey with me. And considering the sheer volume of journals I have, we’re really…just getting started!

Only the beginning!

4 thoughts on “A Centenary Celebration!

  1. Sharon, I absolutely love reading your posts! Thank you for sharing your writing and your life experiences. I was surprised to read that it takes 20 hours to put one together, and I’m happy you shared that. The creative process takes so much more time and energy than it often looks like from the outside. I know this from my own art, but it’s still eye-opening to realize how much goes into the creative tasks other people are doing every day.


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