Color My World

Yellow, blue, green, and pink, have each been my favorite color at one time or another. Yellow reminds me of a smile, like the smiley face first popular in the ’60s.  It also makes me think of sunshine and honey.  Blue brings to mind the vast sky, oceans, and blueberries.  When I think of green, I think nature.  I picture a grassy meadow, spinach salad, and spring leaves. Pink is my current best-loved color. It conjures up the sweet aroma of roses, and the summery tastes of watermelon and strawberry ice cream.  Ah – colors bring me such joy!

While I now live in a world of color, there was a time many years ago, when I did not.  I think of that period as my personal Dark Ages.  It was then that I worked in Marketing Communications for a mid-size software company that created computer languages: Cobol and Fortran. (Anyone remember them? Yes, ancient times!)  From my previous work experience, I learned if you wanted to be taken seriously, then you dressed seriously.  So, I bought basic suits in navy blue, black and gray off the racks in the Petite Sophisticate store at our local mall.  My blouses were white or ivory and sometimes I went a little crazy and purchased printed ones that matched my traditional wardrobe.  Professionalism at its best!

Then, one day at lunch, Diane who worked in another department, mentioned Color Analysis. What could it be? What was it for? I’ll never know if she broached this subject with me because of the clothes I wore, or because she just wanted to share a positive experience she’d had. Either way, Diane highly recommended that I have it done. She said I’d discover my true season and it would change my life forever! That was a huge promise, but when I realized Diane was the person who introduced me to our beloved Ophthalmologist, Dr. Weinstein, I had to give it a try.

From my journal: March 12, 1990  Redondo Beach, California

“I went to the woman Diane went to…a very long session…I think the color changes will make a difference!” 

Color Consulting by Carol was just a 10-minute drive from work. When I arrived, Carol greeted me cheerfully and showed me to a closet-like room filled with colors!  Fabrics, materials, head bands, eye shadow and lipstick were laid out before me on a table facing a mirror.  While being seated, Carol asked a series of rapid-fire questions.  “Do you want to showcase or hide the real you?” “Do you want to wear colors that attract or repel others?” “Do you want to glow or look washed out?” I answered, “Hmm?…Showcase, attract, glow?” “Yes!” was Carol’s response and so our session ensued.

Carol carefully considered my hair color – auburn brown (then!), eyes – blue, skin tone – fair, and undertone – pink. She held swatch after swatch up to my face while we both consulted the mirror, waiting for my perfect match. Ninety-nine color drapes later, my season was finally revealed! It was fall!  That meant I was to choose golds, burnt oranges, reds, and muted olive greens to wear on my body, in my hair, and on my face.  New colors, a new me!

Little by little, I incorporated this season’s shades into my clothing and make up, too. I felt like Dorothy must have felt, living in her sepia-toned life, until she opened her farmhouse door, and stepped out into the radiantly colorful place called Oz! A – MAZ – ING!

Each morning when I dressed (still professionally, of course), I emphatically stated what became my mantra. “Showcase, attract, glow! Showcase, attract, glow!” In time, I did notice a difference in my appearance and even how I carried myself. And as predicted, my life did change. Kind words were bestowed upon me from co-workers, friends and family. Was it due to Carol’s expertise in identifying my true season? Or was it because I simply added more zip and zing into my wardrobe? Could it have been the confidence I gained in daring to try something new? Maybe…it was all three.

Now many years later, I still consider the colors I wear. But I no longer stick with the fall palette because – there is a whole world of colors out there!  Each evoking an emotion, a mood, a feeling. Whether winter, spring, summer or fall, now I want to choose them all!

All Seasons!

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