It’s Good For You

Scrolling through a list of programs and movies streaming on Amazon Prime recently, we were looking for something lighthearted and humorous to view. That’s when a Canadian version of a show called “Last One Laughing” appeared. Have you heard of it? First off, the name alone made me smile. I mean it’s initials are LOL! When we read its premise: ten comedians hanging out together in a living-room like studio for about six hours, during which time they try to make the others laugh, while trying not to react to their competitors’ attempts to make them laugh.  Now…that, made me chuckle.  And when we found out some of the comedians on this show were Colin Mochrie of “Whose Line is it Anyway?”, funny man Dave Foley, and Caroline Rhea who I remember from “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, we knew it was time to break out the popcorn.

It probably goes without saying, we binge watched all six episodes and I still crack up when I think about the show! I, for one, would lose it in the first two minutes of a challenge like that. To not be able to laugh would be the ultimate torture! How could you even hold in that feeling you get when you see or hear something hilarious and your cheeks rise, your eyes squint, your stomach muscles contract and then an involuntary audible sound of a giggle, guffaw or in my case, a snort, bursts out! Ha!

Knowing how good laughter feels and its many benefits such as: releasing endorphins which are natural pain killers, boosting T-cells which help to fight off sickness, and reducing tension which lowers blood pressure, who wouldn’t want to laugh as much as they possibly could?

Laughter is definitely my saving grace, and the use of humor has come to my rescue zillions of times throughout my life, and especially when teaching. Not only with my students, but with their parents, too.  I recall hearing a line one of my mentors used at one of her Back to School Nights, which was met with great amusement. So, I borrowed it for my first parent meeting. The line, which you most likely know, or at least have heard a version of is, “I’ll believe half of what your child tells me happens at home, if you’ll believe half of what your child tells you happens at school.” Even though I’ve heard this hundreds of times, it still makes me laugh!

From my journal: March 30, 2007: Newbury Park, California

“Got a good-bye book today…so sweet…will miss my class.  Mrs. W. asked them what one word they thought of, when they thought of me….it was laughter!  Each student wrote something about that next to their photo…”

We ended up moving before that school year was through and I remember taking that book with me, even though our relocation was only temporary.  It is now packed away with my other teacher-related materials and mementos in our attic. But to this day, it still reminds me how good laughter is for our well-being and overall enjoyment of life. And the only thing better than laughter itself, as is evident by this book, is sharing it with others.

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