There’s a Holiday for That

From my journal: December 21, 2001 Thousand Oaks, California

“Never went to work in my pjs before!  Pajama Day at school was fun!  Wearing pjs made the day very relaxing.”

There are many things I miss about teaching; the students, creating new ways to teach the same subject, and the sense of community.  I also miss the fun and crazy days we’d enjoy, like Pajama Day.  I didn’t think about those days as holidays, they were just days we celebrated at school.  But now I realize that several of them are nationally recognized, such as Dr. Seuss Day, Pi Day, and Shakespeare Day. And little did I know, there is a National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day!  Though our school celebrated this day every December just before winter break, it is officially April 16th, just in case you need to take a breather after Tax Day.

Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day – April 16th!

While this surprised me, what astonished me more is there exists an actual Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!  Wow! Where have I been all my life?!  I learned that people have been celebrating this event on March 26th since the early 2000s. The Roys, Ruth and Thomas, are credited with having come up with this idea and they claim to have created 80 of their own holidays published on Chase’s Calendar of Events.  One of them being, Don’t Step on a Bee Day, observed on April 7th and another is More Herb, Less Salt Day, recognized on August 29th.

After learning all of this, I got to thinking…what holiday would I like to make up?  What would I love to share with others?  What is something important to me that I’d like to commemorate? 

I started investigating by doing what I do every day, I made a list. Among my ideas were:

* Butterscotch Pudding Day

* Listen to Songs from the Year You Were Born Day

* Smile at Everyone You See Day

* Laugh Your Head Off Day

* Finger Painting Day

* Monster Truck Appreciation Day

* Stretch Every Hour Day

* Lay in a Hammock Day

* Bake Cookies for a Neighbor Day

* Take a Hike Day

Then I researched these potential celebratory days. What I found amazed me even further!  All these holidays already exist, except for three.  There isn’t a Listen to the Songs from the Year You Were Born Day, but I did find out that the Number One Song the day I was born was “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by the Tokens. There also isn’t a Stretch Every Hour Day, but I learned there is a National Stretch Mark Day on March 19th… not something I’d really like to rejoice in. However, International Yoga Day is honored on June 21st which is close enough.  And Monster Truck Appreciation Day isn’t a thing, so I will just have to admire my favorite trucks, Grave Digger, Avenger, and Stone Crusher when televised, or when a Monster Jam Show comes into town.

Celebrate on September 19th – yum!!

There are as many holidays to delight in as there are days in a year. But, if you see a need for one that has not yet been created, make it up!  Here’s to celebrating holidays, both national and international, as well as enjoying the things you love most, each and everyday. Cheers!

World Laughter Day is May 1st, but celebrate everyday!!

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