Season’s Greetings 2021

With the pandemic still lingering

And our nation’s political and social unrest

Our beliefs, thoughts and behaviors

Have been certainly put to the test.

We’ve adjusted to new ways of traveling

Testing, masks and vaccinations

Fortunately, we were able to get away on

A few greatly cherished vacations.

While all destinations were scenic

Back east, Hawaii and Greece

Spending time with and seeing loved ones

Is what put our hearts at peace.

Robert has been busy golfing

As well as gardening, but that’s not all

He’s working on a new business

And has taken up pickleball!

I’m having fun writing my blog

And learning the fine art of quilling

The beauty of creating is that it makes

Everyday even more fulfilling.

On a sad note our beloved Capers

A sweeter soul there’s never been

Passed away late this summer

We’ll miss him, ‘til we meet again.

As another challenging year closes

And we wonder what the future will be

We have committed ourselves to being

The change we want to see.

Fondly,  Sharon, Robert and Kashi

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