British English

From my journal: December 10, 2007 E. Twickenham, England

“Received a packet of letters from my former students…they’re now in 6th grade! How fun!  Can’t wait to read them!

Our Flat in the Darling House
With Flowers on the Balcony

Robert had been living in London since early January of 2007.  I wanted to finish out the school year, but when spring break rolled around, I felt it was time to join him.  I loved teaching and really enjoyed my 5th graders that year, but family comes first. I really missed Robert and so we pushed my moving date up by a few months.

View from our Flat

Soon after I settled in, I heard from many students. It was wonderful!  I enjoyed hearing how their school year turned out with Mr. A. and it was fun reading about their summer adventures.  Kids write the most honest and humorous things! 

By the fall, the number of letters had dwindled as I had expected.  My former students now had new teachers and were in their last year of elementary school.  A very busy year! So when I received the packet, I was surprised and thrilled!  I had the 6th grade teachers, Mrs. K., Mr. S. and Mrs. P. to thank for the care package.  They even included Whoppers and Skittles…my favorite candies!

British Post Box

Writing back, I wanted to give the students a little taste of my British experience.  Even though our countries both speak English sometimes you might not think so. The Brits certainly have a way with words! I loved their phrases and wanted to treat the kids to something fun.  I also included a list of British terms…just in case.

                                                             5 January 2008

Dear Pupils,

All right? Ta for the letters and candies! Crikey, I was chuffed to bits when I opened the packet.  Hope Year 7 is tickety-boo and that you’re learning a lot!  You have three smashing educators this year.  Work hard for them, don’t be cheeky and no whinging!  They truly are the Bees Knees.  It must be cracking to be the “Big Kids on Campus” this year.  How ace!   

My husband, pup and I are brill.  So far, we really fancy living here. I’m gobsmacked at all there is to do and see in London. Once I sussed out the tube schedule, getting around has been easy peasy.  We’ve met some nice mates and have been invited to a knees up next weekend!  I’m looking forward to this do and a good chin wag. 

It sure feels like winter here now. Had to take out my jumpers and trade in my trainers for warm boots. It’s about 10 degrees Celcius – bbrrr!

In a fortnight you’ll be on winter break.  Have a jolly time with your families.  I’m a bit knackered and need a kip, so I’ll end here.  Hope you find the Double Decker and Dairy Milk candies, as well as the Jaffa Cakes and Hobnob biscuits scrummy!

                                                     Cheerio & Cuddles!

                                                     Mrs. B.

Jaffa Cakes Scrummy Biscuits!


2 thoughts on “British English

  1. That’s a spiffing good yarn! And a jolly good letter to your former students! Whato!

    PS not everyone talks like that thankfully, as you also found, in England.


  2. The letter was all in fun! We just returned from a trip to Greece and a few days in London where were reminded of just that!!


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