The Big One

Which sports game took place on Sunday, January 15, 1967 at 1:00 pm at the LA Coliseum in Los Angeles, California?  If you said the AFL – NFL Championship football game, you’d be correct!  Now known as the Super Bowl, the name was suggested by the late Kansas City Chiefs owner, Lamar Hunt. Although Commissioner Pete Rozelle wanted to call it “The Big One” Hunt’s nickname stuck and this game has been officially called “The Super Bowl” since 1969.

From my journal: February 5, 2018, Newbury Park, California

“The Eagles beat the Patriots in Super Bowl LII – that’s # 52.  I was 4 years old when the first Super Bowl was played. Wow! Was exciting until the very end.”

The teams that played that first year were the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs.  The outcome? A 35-10 victory for the Packers.  At that time, the star quarterback for the Packers was Bart Starr and for the Chiefs, it was Len Dawson.  Both were in their early 30s.  While the capacity at the LA Coliseum was 94,000 a little less than 62,000 fans attended.  Unlike today, this game was broadcasted simultaneously on both the CBS and NBC networks. Announcers for CBS included Ray Scott, Jack Whittaker and Frank Gifford. Sportscasters on NBC were Curt Gaudy and Paul Christman.

1967 Super Bowl I

A lot has changed since Super Bowl I.  Besides the increased popularity of this match up, TV commercials and half-time entertainment are vastly different.  Want to take a guess at the cost of a 30-second commercial then?  A whopping $42,000!  And performing at the first half-time show was the jazz trumpeter, Al Hirt and marching bands from the University of Arizona and Grambling State University. 

Today’s big game, Super Bowl LV will be broadcasted at 3:30 pm (PT) on CBS from the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Announcing the play-by-plays will Jim Nantz and Tony Romo. Who will be victorious…The Tampa Bay Bucaneers or the Kansas City Chiefs?  We’ll soon find out as the veteran Tom Brady, 43 and the youngster, Patrick Mahomes, 25 go head to head. Watching in the stands this year will be 25,000 lucky fans and 30,00 cut outs!  Due to Covid, all of the 65,890 seats will not be filled.

Tomorrow what may be talked about as much as the game itself are the commercials.  In the last 55 years they’ve become coveted. If you can part with a cool $5.5 million dollars you too can have a 30-second spot during the game! Performing at Half-Time will be the Canadian R & B musician known as The Weeknd.  It should be a fun 13-minute show!

A few of our Super Bowl snacks this year!

Admittedly, I’ve never been a football fanatic, but I was a fan of Terry Bradshaw who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Roger Staubach who quarterbacked for the Dallas Cowboys in the mid-1970s. Back then, the draw was watching an occasional game on a Sunday afternoon and the big game once a year with my dad. Today, it’s about the food, the company and kicking back for a few hours to let the world go by.  How ever you spend today – enjoy it! And if you’re going to watch “The Big One” have a safe and super Super Bowl celebration!

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