Happy Holidays 2020

This year has felt like a lifetime

With more challenges yet to come

Perhaps the worst is now behind us

As we strive to become one.

Robert finally left the workplace

With plans to golf, see people and roam

Two weeks after he retired

Came the order to Stay-At-Home.

With so much time on his hands

He looked around for Things To Do

We now have an outdoor dinner bell,

New lighting and a picnic table, too!

Our daily routines have changed since

COVID-19 has come into our lives

Keeping our social distance in masks

We wash our hands when mail arrives.

We now have several subscriptions

Among them, Disney Plus and Netflix

To stay fit we work with a trainer outside

And hike and bike to get our kicks.

We order our groceries online

Picking them up by curbside

We visit friends and family on Zoom

And try to take every day in stride.

   We celebrated our 30th anniversary this year

      Not in Greece where we had planned

  But we’re hopeful we’ll be there next fall

    Cheering “Opa!” with toes in sand!

No matter how hard this year has been

Love and kindness still abound

Looking for the good in each other

Is where our hope will be found.

  Sharon, Robert, Capers and Kashi

Kashi the Reindeer

Wishing you and your loved ones a peaceful and joyful holiday season!!

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