Sending a Little Cheer

The last twenty!

103..and counting! In an assembly line, I laid out my boxes, poems to include, colored pens, return address labels, address book (yes, I still have one!) and stamps. That was three days ago. Using our dining room table, I spread the items out in preparation for one tradition that I truly enjoy each year – writing out our holiday cards!

From my journal dated December 10, 1991 Hillsboro, Oregon:

“Finished my Christmas cards…writing them and dropping them off at the post office puts me in the holiday spirit!”

This ritual began decades ago when I was about 10 years old.  Then, I made the cards out of construction paper, embellishing them with glitter and stickers. I’d send or hand deliver them to our next door neighbors, like Mema and Reggie, my Aunt Madelyn who lived in Mt. Kisco, NY and friends at school.  While creating the cards was fun, hearing how much they were appreciated, made them even more special.

I still enjoy designing cards, but over the years, I’ve been relying on Papyrus for them. Each card is a work of art! And the gold foil hummingbird stickers add a nice touch. Earlier this year, I felt heart palpitations when I saw the “Going Out of Business” sign in the window of my local Papyrus! Thankfully, these gems are still available online and at Target and Whole Foods, as my cousin Cathi let me know – phew!

Papyrus cards and envelope with the gold hummingbird seal!

Another part of this “card” tradition, is rereading the ones we received the previous year. It’s a way to remember the people who mean so much to us and gauge all that has happened over the course of that year. When done, I repurpose the cards. Some become gift tags and others are layered into my art journals and collages.

Last year’s cards

I should be finishing up the last of my holiday cards this week. Then, all will be off to family and friends, near and far. Sending them gives me a chance to extend well wishes, to reconnect, to show gratitude and to offer a little cheer. I could easily send holiday greetings via email or text, but for me, knowing how good it feels to find a card in our mailbox, that feeling, truly brightens my day. Opening up the card and reading it, is like getting a warm hug from a loved one.

Written by a friend – January 1, 2018:

“Just wanted to thank you for the pretty card and good wishes you sent. Your Xmas card was so pretty it made me smile everytime I looked at it.”

4 thoughts on “Sending a Little Cheer

  1. Dear Sharon, we always love receiving your card and poem. Remember 32 years ago you made my Christmas card for me? It is still a banner card for us ❤ Thank you for telling me about your blog, I haven't read anything, yet, except this post, I will now become a follower. I apologize, we made the decision to not send cards for the first time this year, I promise now, next year we'll be back sending our joys. All is well here, don't read to much into it, just a difficult, tumultuous year, and yes we do have so much to be grateful for, so let me spread a little love now. Love you, Leslie


  2. Great to hear from you Leslie! Thanks for your kind words. Sending love to you, Fred and your family! Hope to see you at the Hollywood Bowl this year.

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